Chaplain Michael Maddox

President | CEO | Director

Chaplain Michael Maddox, an Ordained Bishop, began working in juvenile facilities in the 1970s. Titusville was the first juvenile facility where he began his ministry. At this time he was operating under “Love of Christ Youth Ministry”. Since then, on April 19, 2012 ”Harvest Time Juvenile Outreach ” was born. It became incorporated on March 28, 2013. Chaplain Maddox has recruited and trained many volunteers and has seen thousands of young people come to full knowledge of Jesus Christ. Chaplain Maddox is an Ordained Bishop / State Volunteer Chaplain for the Department of Juvenile Justice, a Community Service Chaplain, and a dedicated leader who is reaching our troubled youth who are incarcerated, or in their own family home. His mission is simple, reaching out through Jesus to help these troubled youth nationwide. By assisting others in other states Chaplain Michael Maddox will try to help get open doors so they may share Jesus with them. Chaplain Maddox will use whatever means or resources within his means that are necessary to help turn around a troubled youth and put him or her on the right path! Remember, every youth is worth saving and should be given a second chance if they are willing to make that change. In addition to this, we are now serving two states Florida and Tennessee . Praise the Lord! Now Chaplain Michael Maddox and his wife are living in the state of Tennessee where he will get started working with kids where ever the door will open.

Services that we provide in Tennessee are the following: Mentoring, Spiritual Guidance, Life Skills, Family Intervention, Job Search, Assistance with on line GED for high school and more.

"I Was in Prison and You Came to Visit Me ... I Tell You the Truth, Whatever You Did for One of the Least of These Brothers of Mine, You Did for Me." - (Matthew 25:36, 40)

Contact Harvest Time Juvenile Ministries and get the support you need to succeed. Our team helps youth ages 18 and under with mentorship, life skills, spiritual guidance, and more. Don't wait - reach out to us now and let us be a part of your journey towards a brighter future.

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